The figure that I see is myself, walking through a meadow with an enormous kite. I try to take off, while the blasts of wind rage around me. I can feel the strong wind pulling my kite and I try with all my might to keep hold of the handles. One time I feel my feet lift of the ground. For a few seconds I’m lifted of the ground. It feels so turbulent that I know it wont last. And it doesnt.

The wind is turning, always turning. I feel restless and hungry for flight. My dreammind and body are unsettled.

Suddenly there’s other people. They don’t have faces that have a meaning for me. Tugging at my kite and running with it, they try to help me take off. I feel frustrated. It doesnt work. Even worse: they guide me to places in the meadow where the wind is even more unstable and unpredictable.

Far away, in the distance I see a woman. She’s my age and is standing underneath her kite. Her kite has a normal size, it’s not near a enormous as mine. Her stance is stable, her kite cuts purposeful through the sky.

The tumultuous winds drag me to the only house that I can see. It seems small and is build against a mountain.

I feel this is the end of one dream. And the beginning of another dream.