phase 1

My viewpoint is first person. When I enter the house I immediately recognize my surroundings. Its a dark terraced house, full with trinkets. In the right corner of this house stands a garden shed, with glass walls. It seems to be a miniature cottage house.

There’s two people in this room. One is a redhaired women, she looks like someone I’ve worked with once, but I dont really recall her. Her energy is warm and embracing. There’s also a young, skinny man. He also looks like someone I met somewhere, I vaguely know him. They seem friendly and I immediately feel a deep drive to befriend them. I vibrate with a need to be part of their group. Still everyone remains silent.

When I walk to the glass and white-wooden shed I see to my surprise that the white outlet in the right corner is moving. It wriggles and squirms. As I crouch over the outlet, I tense and fear for it appears to be a white speckled horseshoe crab. I look closer and the crab transforms into butterflies or moths. I catch them, I catch them in a small blue and white plastic bag from Albert Heijn.

The catched butterflies are strong, and they lift my plastic bag in the air. The butterflies glow and keep on flying while I hold the plastic bag in the air. The whole scenario gives an eerie vibe. It’s as if I’m walking with an helium balloon.

Full of joy and perplexity I show this butterflyballoon to the two people in the room. The man scoffs and is unimpressed.

I walk to the small and full garden and release the butterfly. Suddenly I see that the man has two small snakes coiled around his arm. I sense they are not dangerous. Again, the man scoffs and is scornfull.

phase 2

I feel that my dream enter a new state. The energy changes. The house remains the same, although new parts of the room glide into my view. The cottage like shed becomes less important. There’s more focus on the small garden and multiple aquaria/terraria that I spot next to some walls.

One of my friends is present and I see her talking enthusiastically about her new pets. Talking all the while she walks over to the glass cages. My body tenses and I feel a dreadful fear. My body is filled with loathing and I almost taste the bile on my tongue. She continues talking about the lovely and friendly spider she has as a pet. // real life me is terribly afraid of spiders // While she closes the gap between herself and one of the terraria, I make myself as small as possible. She starts to open the terrarium and I close my eyes.

In my self afflicted darkness I can sense and hear clearly what is happening. I can hear her having the spider on her hand and slowly making her way towards me. My minds eye senses her stretched out hand. The terrible spider resting on her palm. She is mumbling, inaudibly. I scream ‘no, no, no’. So full of fear. When I sense she is almost next to me I scream ‘NO!’ with all my might.

Then I wake up.